Ceiling dust removal

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We specialise in the removal of toxic ceiling dust and debris such as old insulation. Ceiling dust has been proven to be a serious health hazard as it often contains years of accumulated toxins such as high levels of lead. The fine particles filter down throughout the house and are a major cause of asthma and other allergies. The E.P.A. Has done considerable research in this field.

Why vacuum the roof dust?

  • Allergy prevention
  • Asthma protection
  • Reduce vermin
  • Stop air toxins

We have been removing toxic dust from ceilings and attics for many years. We use specialist EPA (environmental protection agency) approved equipment.

Ceiling dust contains lead from airborne dust contaminated by petrol fumes and many other toxins.

Dust filters down through ceiling rose and other vents. This dust can cause major problems to those who suffer asthma or allergies or a general ill health to those who are otherwise healthy.