Protect Your Chimney from Sydney's Heavy Rain: Start Looking for Chimney Pots for Sale

According to the Australian Government's Department of Meteorology, April 2015 saw Sydney experiencing its single wettest month since 2007. Since Sydney already tends to see almost double the rainfall of Melbourne (or even notoriously rainy locales like London), that revelation was surprising. It also served as a reminder that homeowners in Sydney are under more pressure to protect their homes from heavy rainfall than residents in many other cities or countries.

At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, we can help you safeguard at least one part of your home from precipitation: your chimney. Chimneys can take a lot of abuse from the elements as their structures are often exposed from the rest of the home. With Sydney's high annual rainfall, this exposure often leads to leaking chimneys—a factor that can result in costly repairs or cold, fireless homes.

Our chimney pots for sale can help you to keep your chimney flue free of moisture. These pots and cowls are handcrafted and Australian-made. Instead of buying in bulk from a foreign assembly line corporation, we collaborated with one of Australia's oldest and most respected potteries for our pots and cowls. The result is a range of beautiful, elegant and functional chimney pots, perfect for keeping rainfall from flooding your fireplace.

Click here to browse the Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps selection of chimney pots for sale online, or call us on (02) 9369 4889 to learn more about which chimney pot and cowl might be right for you.