Why Do I Need to Invest in Chimney Pots in Sydney?

One of the questions that we hear most frequently at Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps is about why chimney pots are necessary—not just in Sydney, but for any home, anywhere. Many of our customers are unaware of what chimney pots are, what sort of purpose they serve and why they might be essential for the ongoing maintenance and overall safety of their chimneys.

First, the definition: a chimney pot is a piece of pottery that sits at the top of a chimney. These pots add height to the chimney's flue and improve the draft of the structure. Enhanced updraft in turn aids the expulsion of gases from the fire out into the open air, reducing smoke in the home and build-up of tars and creosote at the top of the chimney. Ideally, a chimney pot also adds an elegant visual flare to a home's chimney—often with a Victorian tinge.

At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, the chimney pots we sell in Sydney serve both purposes. They are both expertly designed in order to increase the safety of your chimney, and carefully handcrafted to add to the curb appeal of your home—not take away from it. Our chimney pots also help to catch rain and divert it away from your chimney flue—an essential component in Sydney, where the annual rainfall is nearly double that of cities like Melbourne.

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