Why Chimney Waterproofing in Sydney is Important

Since most fireplaces are built into a wall, most chimneys are found on one end of the house or another. As a result of this construction, chimneys are exposed to the elements in a way that the rest of the house isn't. Over time—especially in wet areas and other spots that experience a lot of extreme weather—a chimney can face a substantial amount of abuse.

While you shouldn't expect your chimney to collapse spontaneously under the strain of heavy wind, rain or snow, you also shouldn't expect your chimney to withstand elemental abuse without showing any signs of wear and tear. Specifically, many chimneys develop leaks because of their exposed construction.

Needless to say, a leaking chimney is a problem. Water kills fires, and when rain or moisture enters your flue, you could have trouble keeping a fire burning. Alternatively, you might have difficulty even getting the fire started in the first place.

Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps can help with this issue. In addition to offering chimney inspection and cleaning services, we also do chimney waterproofing in Sydney. With this service, your chimney will be fortified against rain and able to quickly evaporate any moisture that does make it into the flue. In fact, with our service, the top of your chimney stack will be approximately 90% waterproof.

Are you tired of rain or residual moisture preventing you from enjoying your fireplace? Call Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps today and let us help you with your chimney waterproofing in Sydney. You can make an appointment by calling us on (02) 9369 4889.