Experts and Consultants for Commercial Duct Cleaning in Sydney

At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, it isn't uncommon for commercial firms, government agencies and even other chimney cleaning companies to get in touch with us about seemingly insoluble flue cleaning problems. Quite simply, when it comes to residential chimney or commercial duct cleaning in Sydney, we are the experts who can handle even the jobs that don't seem possible. With our experience, our proprietary equipment and our knowledge about different types of chimneys, flues and ducts, we can almost always find a solution.

Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps has been offering residential and commercial duct cleaning in Sydney since 1989. Since then, we have of course worked on countless residential chimneys, and are still a trusted number to call among homeowners who need a flue cleaning.

However, we have also expanded our profile and portfolio as commercial duct cleaners in Sydney. Because we virtually never say 'no' to any type of chimney cleaning project, we have found ourselves up against some fairly complex and unusual challenges over the years. We've maintained wood burning ovens for the best pizza restaurants in Australia, helped out police stations by sweeping the flues of their incinerators and even cleaned the chimney ducts of crematoriums.

Bottom line, if there is a chimney flue or duct system that needs cleaning and maintenance, then Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps is the company to call. From restaurants and hotels to the Department of Public Works, our list of satisfied clients is long and impressive, and we want you to be the next client on that list! Learn more about us online, at