Protect Your Home with Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Cowls in Sydney

Each year in Australia, over 5,000 house fires are caused because the chimneys were not properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, it is our job to help homeowners avoid these easily avoidable fires. Since 1989, we have been providing exemplary chimney cleaning services (as well as chimney improvements, like fireplace cowls) to homes and businesses throughout Sydney. If you want to make sure that the fires you have in your fireplace are safe and efficient, we hope you will give us a call today!

At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, we do more than just clean your chimney. We also provide items like chimney pots and fireplace cowls, which can make your Sydney chimney considerably more effective and efficient. Chimney pots go on top of your chimney, lengthening the flue slightly to provide better draft for the entire structure.

Fireplace cowls, meanwhile, are fitted to the chimney pot to essentially make your fire 'element-proof.' They prevent backflow, which means that they make it more difficult for a gust of wind to blow a plume of smoke back down the chimney flue and into your home or business. They also work to keep rain and snow out of the chimney flue—a huge draw for fireplace cowls in Sydney, considering the city's considerable annual rainfall numbers.

Whether you are looking for a chimney cleaning service, a chimney pot or a fireplace cowl, Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps is your source for all three in Sydney! Call us today on (02) 9369 4889 or 0422 687 915, to schedule an appointment or place an order!