Contact Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps for Expert Flue Cleaning in Sydney

In the past 26, Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps has become one of the most trusted businesses for chimney and flue cleaning in Sydney. In that time, we have become known not just for the quality of our services, but also for our versatility.

Indeed, our client list includes everyone from private homeowners and real estate agents; to major commercial entities like hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants; all the way to government branches like the Australia Department of Defence and the Australia Navy. We can handle jobs of any size, shape or scope. So long as there is a chimney or a flue, we can clean, maintain or improve it.

Consider our flue cleaning service in Sydney. We offer flue cleaning on both the residential and commercial levels, and can handle chimney flues from traditional fireplaces, slow combustion heaters, Heatmaster units, wood fire pizza ovens, incinerators, laundry machines, coffee roasting equipment, boat exhausts, boiler units and more. There is no type of chimney system that we cannot clean.

Every flue cleaning service done by Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps in Sydney includes a thorough clean, sweep and inspection. We have custom-made equipment for every type of job that we do. In other words, clients will never have to worry about us trying to clean their industrial incinerator flue with the same gear that we would use on a residential home, and vice versa.

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