Professional Laundry Duct Cleaning in Sydney

At Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps, the word 'chimney' may be featured prominently in our brand name, but our capabilities range far beyond a simple residential chimney. Indeed, we've also cleaned the flues of crematoriums, incinerators, pizza ovens and more, and are frequently relied upon for laundry duct cleaning in Sydney.

Working with major hotels, leisure centres, laundromats and other noted commercial clientele throughout Sydney, our laundry duct cleaning service consists mostly of removing compacted lint from laundry ducting. Just as a build-up of tar at the top of a residential chimney can cause a house fire, a build-up of compacted lint in a laundry duct can lead to overheating machines and fires. Whether we are cleaning laundry ducts or chimneys, the team at Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps is always working to keep clients safe.

The fact that Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps even offers a laundry duct cleaning service in Sydney should speak volumes about our versatility. We have been in business since 1989, and have spent each of those 26 years developing comprehensive knowledge of all different types of chimneys, flues, ovens, ducting systems and more. Today, our people have the skills, the equipment and the expertise to tackle virtually any job in or related to our field.

Put our 26 years of expertise and experience to work for you! Call Anglo Master Chimney Sweeps today, and schedule an appointment for your laundry duct cleaning service in Sydney. You can reach us by calling or primary business line (02) 9369 4889. Alternatively, if it is more convenient, you can send us an email at Either way, we can't wait to hear from you!