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The origin of the chimney pot dates back several hundred years - the purpose of the chimney pot was the same as it is today. They are essential in Sydney with our high annual rainfall, which is almost double that of Melbourne and even London!

All our products are Australian made - hand-made by craftsmen from one of Australia's oldest potteries.

Traditional large 2-piece detachable clay potTraditional large 2-piece detachable clay pot & cowl
Original design (circ 1880)
Approx dimensions:
Overall height 630mm (25")
Base 320mm (12"-13")
Throat 230mm (8"-9")
Uses: all open wood & coal fires and fireboxes i.e. Jetmaster, Heatmaster.

1-piece pot and cowl1-piece pot & cowl
Approx dimensions:
Overall height 500mm (20")
Base 320mm (12"-13")
Throat 230mm (9")
Uses: All open wood " coal fires and fireboxes i.e. Jetmaster, Heatmaster
Note: Also available 'Jumbo' throat approx. 250mm (10")
Uses: for large open fires and fireboxes.

Medium 2-piece pot and cowlMedium 2-piece pot & cowl
Medium 2 piece pot & cowl, original design (circ. 1887)
Approx dimensions:
Overall height 550mm (22")
Base 320mm (12"-13")
Throat 200mm (8")
Uses: All open wood & coal fires and fireboxes, i.e. Jetmaster, Heatmaster.

Anglo universal cowl'Anglo' universal cowl
Traditional cowl design modified by Anglo to fit most existing pots (if appropriate)
Available in 2 sizes
Note: can be treated with heat resistant gloss finish in brown & mission brown to blend with existing salt glazed pots.

Anglo gas terminal'Anglo' gas terminal
AGL approved for use in NSW
Approx dimensions:
Overall height 400mm (16")
Base 300mm (12")
Throat 230mm(9")
Uses: Attractive in design to suit traditional and prestige properties or indeed any installation where appearance is important. Suitable for gas appliances with rated input no greater than 200mj/h.
Note: AGL approved antidowndraft cowl must be fitted to all gas installations.

'Anglo anti-downdraft cowl'Anglo' anti-downdraft cowl
Custom-made mainly used for slow combustion heaters and in high wind areas. We measure and design to suit each individual job therefore our product generally will perform much better than standard "off the shelf" product due to our generous dimensions etc. and have a long life expectancy being manufactured in quality stainless steel.

Anglo chimney extension system'Anglo' chimney extension system
Custom designed and made in stainless steel to suit each individual job.
For use where the existing stack has been demolished to below the roof covering to actually 'suit' the original stack at a fration of the cost of rebuilding in brick.

antique chimney pots and cowls
We also have a comprehensive range of Antique chimney pots and cowls

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