Diagnostic reports

As part of our service we will carry out a visual inspection and supply a full written report with recommendations to rectify (if necessary) any problems: ensuring that your fire operates safely and efficiently.

Common problems (to name a few!):

  • Dampness – due to open flue tops allowing the free ingress of water.
  • Vermin – removal of dead or alive animals that have made the comfort of your flue their ‘home’ we often remove nesting and other materials from possums or birds, or bees, all of which cause considerable damage to the delicate lining of the flues. This is why it is so important to restrict entry of animals and other vermin. Which also carry fleas and lice.
  • Damaged stacks – quite often due to age and deterioration. We carry out all repairs to stacks and brickwork.
  • Blockages – Are very common. The causes are variable from fallen debris, nesting materials from animals, or even hidden treasures!!! Which we have often come across!
  • Absence of chimney pots or cowls – chimney pots and cowls are standard as part of a working fire but over time they are often missing – they have either been damaged in high winds, stolen or simply deteriorate. Chimney pots and cowls protect the linings of the flues and the fire down below.
  • Morton Bay fig trees and other roots – it is very common to see trees growing from the side or inside chimney stacks. These are a menace and cause structural damage and must be removed.
  • Allergies and asthma - ceiling dust may accumulate lead and other toxic particles. If there are any related health problems your chimney and/or ceiling could be to blame.

Insurance and fires

House fires cause devastating damageThe manufacturers of some fires such as Jetmaster and Heatmaster recommend that flues are cleaned annually. This ensures that the fire is safe to use and works efficiently. In the unfortunate event of a house fire an insurance company can opt out of responsibility by referring to their policy clauses which relates to the non-maintenance of appliances. In many countries it is the Law that flues are cleaned annually. In 1994 researchers came up with a startling figure that over 5000 house fires per year were caused by un-maintained chimney flues around Australia!