Chimney Services

We have an experienced team of chimney sweeps some with over 30 years experience!
Offering a vast array of services, our practices and equipment will suit almost any service type! Select the categories below for more information.

Domestic flue cleaning

Domestic cleaning of flues to fireplaces such as:

  • Slow combustion heaters
  • Jetmaster
  • Heatmaster
  • Register fires (traditional Open fires)
  • All fireplaces
Our service includes a thorough clean, sweep and inspection using custom made equipment for all of the above chimney flues.
Commercial flue cleaning
  • Wood fire Pizza oven flues
  • Incinerator flues to tower blocks
  • Laundry Ducting
  • Kitchen extractor flues
  • Commercial Ships/Pleasure Boats exhausts
  • Coffee roasting equipment
  • Bakery oven flues
  • Boiler flues/units etc.
Chimney flue extensions

Flu extensionWe manufacture stainless steel cowls, whirly birds and flue extensions.

They are custom made to suit individual properties and situations.

Specialist fitting

We have imported ladders with specialist attachments and harness enabling us to access challenging peaks.

We fit all our own chimney pots and flue extensions generally without erecting scaffold, thereby lowering the cost considerably.

Chimney pots and cowls

We have our own range of hand made Chimney pots and Cowls. They have been hand crafted by one of Australia’s oldest potteries. We also supply to the building trade.


We have developed a system to waterproof stacks and parapets.

Our waterproofing method ensures that the top of the stack is approx 90% waterproof, this is more than sufficient to halt decay within the flue and still allows any moisture to quickly dry because the top is ventilated by means of a pot and cowl or by other means that we recommend.


We remove compacted lint from laundry ducting.

The removal of lint is essential as compacted lint can cause overheating and fires.

Some of our many customers include major hotels and leisure centres.

Wood fire pizza ovens

pizza ovenFlues to the ovens should be regularly cleaned for safety and efficiency.

We know of one establishment that burnt down!!

Charter vessels

charter vesselWe service the flue to “The Island Club” and similar vessels once a month.

These cabin mounted flues require expert cleaning and on a regular basis to ensure the comfort of passengers. Un-cleaned/cloggy flues can shower passengers with diesel soot!!

Some of our more unusual requests for flue cleaning have included:

  • Crematoriums
  • Incinerators at designated police stations
We believe that if there is a flue to be cleaned – Then Anglo are the experts to call. We have the means, knowledge and expertise!!

As part of our service we will carry out a visual inspection and supply a full written report with recommendations to rectify (if necessary) any problems: ensuring that your fire operates safely and efficiently.
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